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Mindscapes, 2019
3 channel video installation

Bachelor Exhibition

KHM Gallery, Malmö, Sweden.

Exhibition period: May 15 2019 - june 2 2019

16mm animated film transferred to video is projected on five sculptural gateways. They are engraved with simple

geometric shapes representing escape symbols and painted with thermochromic pigment. A red-hot heating cable

runs through the video installation, and the viewer is visually and physically impacted by heat.


Boiling as a pre-apocalyptic scenario, the work seeks to explore how human mind generate inner sanctuaries

(mindscapes) as a survival strategy for environmental crises, thus implying loss of control.

The thought-model, Tulpa, a Tibetan spiritual concept, inspires Koldby as the model indicates that when the world

appears chaotic, deploying meditative and extrasensory powers of thought can reach imaginary spaces.

Between control and loose of control, the video installation moves between two worlds; an inner space and outer

space. It manifests itself in the form of physical dualities between the sand sculptures, representing gateways to

imaginary worlds, and the animated video, images alluding scientific failures and the chaotic natural phenomenon of the world’s largest active Hawaiian volcano Mauna Loa when it erupted in 1984. An external world out of control.

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