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No Kneepads Free Flight

Snapshot of freestyle dance sessions collide into colour clouds. Stripped down to energetic actions with no fixed foundation, ink transfers through restless gestures. Screen print mesh T120. 120 openings within an inch in any direction. Whooooshhh!! Let’s go okay?


Blurred strips of reality pirouettes through thinking. Silver rain insults your back. RESTART: A fucking tornado workout. No kneepads free flights. Red is my strange attraction. Red as a tiny splash, puffy vibes, ink for printmaking, headlining intensity.


Accidently on purpose speed frees mental constructions from creeping in on you. I’m practicing pirouettes again. Self-portrait? A friend asked, naah… extended liberation (!!) out of action. Life and flips. Open to manifold sensation. Slippery moves, boundaries don’t hold. Accelerate. Sky, hi. Colour clouds on narratives. THANK YOU THANK YOU – roses on my own stage. Don’t go back to reasoning. Repeat after me: Don’t go back to reasoning. No kneepads free flights.


The exhibition No kneepads free flights is nothing but edit points. Julie Koldby continues to explore the field of printmaking through slippery and vibrant techniques of silkscreen, image transfer, monotype and chine collé etching.

Exhibition period: October 5th - 28th 2023

Address: Ekely, Istedgade 51C, Copenhagen

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