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Run Hard Point, 2021

Ekely, Copenhagen, DK
Duo show with Mikkel Ørsted

Exhibition period: August 5 - September 18 2021

Monoprints. A printed painting? A painted print? Printing painting drawing scratching running.  Ink transfers through restless gestures and irregular movements. Representations are nothing but inflated press. The spontaneity and speed. The need for speed. The bombastic aftermatch.  Like the feeling of a humming body cleaning up printing tools or thunderstorms twisting the landscape. Hard scratches soft fades. Scratches are nothing but edit points.


The exhibition Run Hard Point is a doing, not a being. Julie Koldby and Mikkel Ørsted continue exploring the field of printmaking, this time, through painterly techniques somewhere in between monoprints and

monotypes that expand into objects. 


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