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The Order of Mimosa, 2018

4 channel video installation

Annual Exhibition Malmö Art Academy, Malmö, Sweden.

Four projections of luminescent lines from a double pendulum struck the objects as rapid flashes before the lines uncontrollably swung around in space towards a condition of chaos. Thus, similar to how a hypersensitive creeper Mimosa respond to stimulation by rapidly closing its leaves. A simple diagram named “Stabilizer” is engraved on the floor with objects were placed on.


In the language of science worldviews are transformed into simple geometric shapes and diagrams for the purpose of rendering complex phenomena and states visible. Inspired by the mathematic field of chaos theory a double pendulum operated with complex systems whose behaviour was highly sensitive changes in conditions so that small alternations gave unintended consequences. 

Chaos theory is an example of a worldview or a construction that I seek to investigate. I imagine two forces at stake stability and dynamics. The work was situated in the field of space and movement - between stability and dynamics. Fragility and elusiveness are keywords reflecting the choice of working with light, reflection and shadow. 

Walking while viewing required physical activity from the viewer. The work meditated on the body’s position and awareness in dark spaces. How it provoked feelings from the body dissolving and merging into the spacial environment and whose boundaries no longer can be located. This activation is synonymous with the development of the viewer’s phenomenological bodily awareness and a parallel to a pendulum towards a condition of chaos. 

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