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Group Show Inside Out 

Augustenborg Projects, Augustenborg, Denmark


Exhibition period: June 18 2021 - October 3 2021

T.A.D.A.A.A. is an ambiguous show. To say TADAAA implies that something is over. It also denotes the hope of brightening up a situation despite knowing that one has failed. It can be simple drawings that contain meaning, shape or just irregular shapes and thereby exhibit unintentional or failure-like qualities. Alternatively, T.A.D.A.A.A.-works call attention to the moment of something very exciting. Impossible sculptures. An exclamation of triumph. 


As sculptural scenarios, T.A.D.A.A.A. intervenes across three rooms that in former years would have been occupied by three different patients at the mental hospital. The works are inspired by optical illusions and objects used by amateur scientists and magicians to test scientific phenomena or demonstrate tricks. Optical illusions are often simple models that represent the complexity of human perception and the world. T.A.D.A.A.A. challenges these collapsed logics, where the drama arises in the fragile and robust, light and colour, between sight and deception or experiment and failure. 

The installation includes videos, light, aluminiums castings, aluminiums drawings and wood/collage sculptures.

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